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Donald W. (Donny) Harris
Therapy for couples, individuals, families, and children

Transgender Clients
I saw my first transgender client--in fact, my first client period!--back in the summer of 2002. This started me on a wonderful journey of learning, exploration, and experience that continues to this day. Since that time I can conservatively say that at least 80% of my clientele have been transgender, transsexual, or gender-questioning. Sometimes there are no quick and easy labels for the person sitting in my office, but then, that's part of the adventure.

Everyone's transition is a unique experience and no two are exactly alike. I like to use the metaphor that transitioning genders is like a road-trip, in that there are many interesting stops and sights and detours along the way, and that it is almost never a straight shot from Your beginning to Your end. But I am never the driver on this journey, you are. I am simply a passenger, helping you navigate those hurdles and alternate routes encountered en route. In this capacity--to steal a line from another therapist--I am much more of a Gate Watcher than a Gate Keeper.

Metaphors aside, I have written the various letters often needed in transitioning: restroom-use, hormone therapy, various surgeries including SRS. I have mediated coming-out to family members, counseled couples wherein one member wants to transition while the other is opposed to it, and spoken with parents about their transgender children and with children about their transgender parents, to name just a few situations. But most important, I can help you to cope as you transition within a world that may not be ready to transition with you.

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